Lectures and Symposia
[1775][740] "Groovy" Film premier at Cultural Centrer of the Philippines, Manila, 2006
[624][740] "ArtSingapore 2004: Asian Contemporary Art, where are we going from here?" Artist Talk, Suntec City, Singapore, April 2004
[617][740] "Painting the Globe", Artist Talk, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, November 2003
[293][740] "Contemporary Filipina Artists, a Survey", A talk to the docents of the Singapore Art Museum at Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore, March 2003
[295][740] "The Philippines: Prospects in Business and the Arts", sponsored by Philippine Cultural Society at Hilton Hotel, Singapore, October 2002
[294][740] "Artist Talk", Singapore Art Museum, June 2002
[1985][740] "Women of Asia, Africa and Latin America" lecture/slide presentation to the European Women's Group, March 2002
[1819][740] "Women Artists in Asia", Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, October 2001
[296][740] "Contemporary trends of Philippine art overseas", Talk given to docents at the Singapore Art Museum, June 2001
[521][740] "Trapunto Painting" Talk and Slide Presentation, American Club members in Singapore, June 2001
[298][740] "Contemporary Trends in South East Asian Art" Panelist, Singapore Art Festival, October 2000
[550][740] "Artist Talk" Students of Providence College, Providence, RI, October 1999
[1736][740] "ARTSingapore 2000, First Contemporary Southeast Asian Festival", MITA, Singapore, September 1999
[299][740] "Artist Talk", Singapore Art Museum and DeLaSalle College of Art, Singapore, June 1999
[300][740] "Artist Talk", Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, June 1998
[297][740] "Wayang Influences on Art", Indonesian Heritage Society, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 1998
[2143][740] "Cross Cultural Dressing", Artist Talk, DCAC Gallery, Washington, DC, December 1997
[301][740] "Crafts and Ethics - Cultural Identity: Evaluating Otherness" Symposium, Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, June 1994
[316][740] "Exploring Americas Cultures: Asian American Art & Culture" Symposium, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY, June 1994
[302][740] "Women and the Arts" Craft Conference, National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, June 1993
[303][740] "Potomac Craftsmen", Lecture on trapunto paintings, Washington, DC, June 1993
[306][740] "Impact of Arts, Culture and Media on the Politics and Economics of Asian Pacific", Asian-American Pacific Heritage Council Conference, Arlington, VA, May 1992
[305][740] "Contemporary Perspectives: The Power of Myth and Personal Autobiography" Roundtable Discussion, Pyramid Atlantic Gallery, Riverdale, MD, October 1991
[2144][740] "The Immigrant Experience", Artist Talk, Ellipse Art Center, Arlington, VA, September 1991
[308][740] "Art In Public Places" Lecture for MetroArt II, Washington DC, June 1991
[309][740] "Artist Table", MetroArt in Washington, DC, June 1991
[525][740] "Celebration of Textiles" Lecture, George Washington University, Dimock Gallery in relation to the show, , June 1991
[312][740] "Art Lecture", Boston University, Boston, MA, June 1986
[526][740] "Art Lecture", University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, June 1986
[527][740] "Art Lecture", College of Arts, Khartoum, Sudan, June 1986
[528][740] "Art Lecture", Dhaka College of Fine Arts, Bangladesh, June 1986
[529][740] "Art Lecture", Schoolchildren in Manila, Philippines, June 1986
[1577][740] "Trapuntos, art design on fabric" Lecture at Casa Manila, Philippines, October 1985
[1820][740] "Paintings From the Third World", UN Women's Club, Bangkok, Thailand, May 1980
[313][740] "Art Lecture", Shilpakala Academy of Fine Arts,Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 1979
[530][740] "Art Lecture", Bhirasri Museum of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand, June 1979
[531][740] "Art Lecture", Museum of Philippine Art, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, June 1979
[532][740] "Art Lecture", Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines, June 1979
[533][740] "Art Lecture", World Affairs Council of Northern California, June 1979
[534][740] "Art Lecture", Jaycees and Rotary Clubs in the Philippines, June 1979