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Glass (45)

Pacita Abad's involvement with glass, like many other things in her life, was not by design but by happenstance. It began in 1998 when Lynne and Atle Brynestad from Norway saw her work in a Singapore gallery and asked to meet the artist. When they came to the studio to purchase some paintings from Pacita's "The sky is the limit" series, they also inquired whether she would be interested in being an artist in residence at their cultural center, Stening Slott, a former palace which was located on the outskirts of Stockholm. Pacita jumped at the opportunity and they agreed to work out the details later. Read More

Apricots I
Arugula I
Bean sprouts
Lemon candy II
Lifesavers I
Mentos I
Glass paper holder mask...
Glass paper holder mask...
Glass paper holder self...
Blackberries vase
Gooseberries vase
Lanzones vase