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Pacita Abad was asked in an interview in 2003, "If you were not an artist, what other profession would you choose?" Pacita quickly answered, "Designing clothes, or sewing and customizing clothes. In fact, I used to embellish and hand paint all of my husband's ties, and all of his colleagues at work wanted one." There is no doubt that Pacita loved both making and adorning herself, and her living environment with art. At an early age, her mother taught Pacita how to sew, quilt and crochet and these were skills that she would later incorporate into her artwork, and in turn, she would use her art as part of her clothes and household accessories. Over time, Pacita’s art, clothes and house in reality all blended into one gigantic tapestry of color, texture and fabric.

Lola Ita costume 1
Lola Ita costume 4
Luna costume
Blouse 2 front and back...
Blouse 3
Blouse 7
Tie 5
Tie 6
Tie 10
Hat 1
Hat 2
Hat 4
Bag 1 (both sides)
Bag 2
Bag 3 (both sides)
Lampshade 1
Lampshade 3
Lampshade 4
Wine glass 1
Wine glass 2
Wine glass 3
Aeroplane kite
Diamond kite
Fish kite