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Pacita Abad's subtle collages, with their layering and juxtaposition of different materials give her work a unique lyrical quality. Oil pastel, acrylics, painted and printed paper are the materials at the center of any of her collages. However, Pacita has not discarded her fondness for silk, batik, glitter, sequins, mylar, buttons and mirrors entirely, but they are used more sparingly than on her larger canvases. She said that for her, small-scale works represent "different places and different feelings" and "they are like jewels and though they are small, they generally require the same amount of energy as larger works. They have their own separate identity and sense of space. On occasion, I have tried to make a small work that I particularly liked on a larger scale, but it just didn't have the same feeling." Read More

A year ago
Big snail
Black mylar
Behind bars
Big sun
Barang barang
Break it up
By your side
And the beat goes on
Broken marriage
Brown sugar
Asia rock
Asmat shields
Bangkok bound
Asmat village
Betel nut
Blind shades
A life torn to pieces
Banana and printed clot...
After September 11
Dark shadows of lower M...
Day that shook the worl...