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Pacita Abad could never resist experimenting with a new artistic medium and in 1986 when an opportunity arose for her to work on ceramics at Washington's Corcoran School of Art one summer, she jumped at the chance. As always, she strove to apply her painterly skills to the new ceramic techniques that she was working with. This was basically a trial and error process and while she loved playing with clay, she often became frustrated when one of her painted piece cracked in the firing process. Nevertheless, all summer long Pacita continued to shape paint and fire her ceramic bowls and platters. Read More

Arjuna - Cereal bowl
Bagong - Condiment dish...
Bagong and Semar - Dini...
Blue dining plate
Blue gravy boat
Blue oval serving plate...
Bulakamba - Coffee cup ...
Bulakamba - Dining plat...
Juwangi - Coffee cup an...
Design 03
Design 06
Design 11
Abstract I
Abstract II
Blue entrance