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Pacita Abad's "Underwater Wilderness" series brings the viewer into a world that only scuba divers know, and this is because the artist was also a scuba diver, but that is only part of the story. In fact, although Pacita was raised on the small island of Batanes, she didn't know how to swim. What made matters worse was that she had a phobia about the ocean ever since she was seven years old, when her elder brother trying to teach her how to swim by forcing her out of the boat into the ocean. She panicked and almost drowned. It was only years later when she was living in Washington that she gained the confidence to learn how to swim at the YMCA.This later allowed Pacita to learn how to scuba dive when she lived in Bangkok. Read More

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Pulang Buli off Batangas
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Shallow gardens of Apo Reef
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