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Bacongo (screen print black and blue 1 of 2)
Bacongo (screen print orange and yellow 1 of 3)
Bacongo (screen print red and blue 1 of 7)
Baguio Lilies pink (1 of 20)
Baguio Lilies white (1 of 20)
Dancing mask (Green face 1 of 50)
Dancing mask (Red ears and circles)
Dancing mask (Red face and purple ear)
Durga Puja (screen print green 1 of 3)
Durga Puja (screen print purple 1 of 13)
Durga Puja (screen print yellow)
Giraffe mask
Green mask green background (screen print 1 of 2)...
Green mask white background (screen print 1 of 10...
Green mask yellow background (screen print 1 of 1...
Red mask green background (screen print 1 of 2)
Red mask purple background (screen print 1 of 5)
Red mask yellow background
Self-Portrait (screen print orange 1 of 20)
Self-Portrait (screen print red)
Self-Portrait (screen print yellow)