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Wearable Art

Arjuna - Cereal bowl
Bagong - Condiment dish
Bagong and Semar - Dining and salad plates
Bagong and Semar - Large green dining plate
Bagong and Semar - Soup bowl
Gareng - Ashtray
Gatot Kaca - Vegetable bowl
Gatotkaca and Bima - coffee pot and lid
Gatotkaca and Bima - Dining and salad plates
Gatotkaca and Bima - Large green dining plate
Gatotkaca and Bima - Soup bowl
Pandawa Lima - Coffee cup and saucer
Pandawa Lima - Covered soup tureen
Pandawa Lima - Espresso cup and saucer
Pandawa Lima - Large green dining plate
Pandawa Lima - Large gunungan dining plate
Pandu Dewanata - Dessert bowl
Petruk and Gareng - Dining and salad plates
Petruk and Gareng - Large green dining plate
Petruk and Gareng - Soup bowl
Petruk, Semar and Gareng - Creamer and sugar bowl...
Rama and Shinta - Dining and salad plates
Rama and Shinta - Soup bowl
Semar - Coffee mug
Semar - Teapot and lid
Semar and Petruk - Salt and pepper shaker
Wisnu and Srikandi - Dining and salad plates
Wisnu and Srikandi - Oval serving plates
Wisnu and Srikandi - Soup bowl
Wiyasa and Yudhistira - Dining and salad plates
Wiyasa and Yudhistira - Gravy boat and saucer
Wiyasa and Yudhistira - Oval serving plates
Wiyasa and Yudhistira - Soup bowl