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Blue dining plate
Blue gravy boat
Blue oval serving plate
Blue rectangular serving plate
Green coffee cup and saucer
Green coffee mug - Gareng
Green condiment dish - Bagong
Green covered soup tureen - Hanuman
Green creamer - Petruk and Semar
Green dining plate - Wiyasa and Yudhistira
Green dining plate - Arjuna and Pandu Dewanata
Green dining plate - Gatotkaca and Bima
Green dining plate - Rama and Shinta
Green dining plate- Bagong and Semar
Green oval serving dish - Pandu Dewanata and Rama...
Green salt and pepper shaker - Petruk and Semar
Green soup bowl and saucer - Petruk
Green sugar bowl - Gareng
Gunungan large dining plate - Pandawa Lima
Gunungan oval serving dish - Shinta, Wisnu and Sr...
Rama and Shinta
White dining plate - Rama and Shinta
White dining plate - Srikandi and Rama
White dining plate - Wiyasa and Yudhistira
Wisnu and Srikandi
Yellow ashtray
Yellow dining plate - Bisma and Dewi Ambalika
Yellow dining plate - Gareng and Petruk
Yellow dining plate - Gatot Kaca and Bima
Yellow dining plate - Semar