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Trapunto Paintings Masks and Spirits (66)

Pacita Abad first became intrigued by the power, mystery, beauty and story telling of masks used in tribal cultures throughout the world, when she saw the two puppets, Karagoz and Hacivet, at a shadow play behind the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul in 1973. She was so enamored that she subsequently decided to embroider these two colorful characters onto one of her favorite shirts. Thus, began Pacita's romance with masks, which influenced her paintings and her life, as she and her husband amassed a large collection of masks from Asia, Africa and Central America, which they hung prominently throughout every room in the house. Pacita's paintings of masks were even more abundant. Read More

Dancing women
Goroka man
Hagen Man
African man
African Mephisto
Bacongo I
Dancing couple
Hopi mask
Angkor Wat
Antareja dan Arimbi