Jakarta   1994 - 2000

In 1994 Pacita moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where she lived for the next seven years.

Not long after, she held her first exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia at the National Museum in Jakarta called "Wayang, Irian and Sumba", which included 50 of her mask and wayang trapunto paintings.

The following year, Pacita held a solo exhibition in the Philippines of 40 of her large trapunto paintings called "Thinking Big" at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, curated by Cora Alvina. The exhibition included a 20-foot high painting called "Marcos and His Cronies" a.k.a. "The Medicine Man" which depicts Marcos surrounded by 18 diseased masks, representing his various corrupt cabinet members, including Imelda Marcos, studded with costume jewelry.

Simultaneous Pacita held solo exhibitions in Manila called "Postcards From the Edge" at Galleria Duemila and "Twenty-four Flowers" at Liongoren Art Gallery.

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