Hippy Highway   1973 - 1974

Pacita met Jack Garrity at a World Affairs conference on "17-Mile Drive" in Monterey, California, and soon after the two of them began a 31-year global odyssey.

Jack was planning to take a year off from graduate school and travel to Asia. Pacita was torn whether to go to law school, or travel across Asia, but in the end decided to defer her acceptance for a year.

Pacita and Jack then spent a year hitchhiking overland across the "Hippy Highway" from Turkey to the Philippines: crossing Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The trip was a cultural eye opener and had an enormous impact on Pacita. She was fascinated by Asia and the people, colors, scents, fabrics and textures that she encountered along the way.

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