Batanes, Philippines   2002 to 2004

"Fundacion Pacita" was Pacita's dream studio that she waited years to build on her father's old cow pasture on her native island of Batanes. The studio-home was built high on a hill overlooking the South China Sea on one side and Mount Iraya, the island's volcanic mountain, on the other. Pacita designed and started building her studio in 2001 with the help of her husband, Jack, and her brother, Butch, soon after she found out that she had cancer.

Over the following two years Pacita made more than 10 trips to Batanes as the studio was being built. On one of her later trips she organized a public house blessing, which was attended by hundreds of islanders. Once she realized that her cancer was fatal, she decided that she wanted to die in her Batanes studio overlooking the ocean. After spending two weeks on her last trip to Batanes, she was grudgingly convinced that she had to return to Singapore in order to receive proper medical treatment, that was simply not available on the island. After her death, Pacita's ashes were brought back to Batanes and she was buried right next to her beloved "Fundacion Pacita."