Dhaka, Dhanmandi   1977 to 1978

Pacita didn't know what to expect when she moved to Bangladesh, but she knew that she needed a good place to paint, because she expected to do a lot of work. She found a great place by happenstance, when she met a Bengali woman on the train in New York. Pacita mentioned that she would be moving to Dhaka and the woman suggested that she look at her house to rent. It was as simple as that, and three days after Pacita arrived in Dhaka she moved into her new studio/home.

The house was fully furnished which was good because she didn't have any household effects. Slowly, however, she began to buy local textiles and as she finished her paintings, she put them on the walls. Before long the studio/home began to look like a gallery, so it was easy for Pacita to organize her second painting exhibition at her gallery.

The exhibition received some publicity in the local newspaper and even more after the show, as Pacita had included eight nude sketches of her friends. The Bangladeshi crowd had never seen anything like this and crowded around these paintings. However, the husbands and boyfriends of the women depicted were not at all amused, and they quickly purchased the paintings and then symbolically burned them. Needless to say, this created quite an uproar with Pacita and her women friends, but the men just left in a huff.