Jakarta, Pakubuwono   1998 to 2000

Pacita moved to her studio/home on Jalan Pakabuwono in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1998, just after the riots that led to the overthrow of President Suharto. This studio/home was spacious and was surrounded by more greenery than her previous home, and more importantly, her painting studio was double the size.

Pacita quickly settled in to her new environment and worked on a number of painting series including "Door to life" based on her travels in Yemen, and her "Sumba to Sulu" series, inspired by a trip to the island of Sumba. Pacita was so excited by the beautiful textiles in Indonesia that she covered her couches and chairs with ikat cloth, her divan with a Turkish kilim and then glued batik cloth from Yogyakarta to cover her cupboard. When she was finished the house was enveloped with Pacita's colorful textiles, paintings and rugs.