Jakarta, Sumbing   1994 to 1997

Pacita arrived in Jakarta from Washington in 1993 and when she first saw her studio/home on Jalan Sumbing her initial reaction was one of disappointment. It was small, with little greenery and had a ski chalet ceiling. Fortunately, Pacita was a painter and was soon filled with ideas about how to transform the house into a bright artist studio.

Pacita's studio/home soon became alive with the help of a lot of bright colors splashed on the walls, plenty of tropical flowers planted and potted outside and inside the house, Indonesian textiles, tribal sculpture and rugs mixed with Pacita's large paintings on the walls.

For her studio, she took over the entire three room second floor for her painting and wide assortment of materials. She was especially pleased that she was able to build special racks to display her beloved collection of Indonesian Wayang puppets. It was these puppets that she painted incessantly while living in this studio/home.