[73] A Passion to Paint: the Colorful World of Pacita Abad
Paperback, 2004, 20 pages, 20 color plates
31 x 27 cm
Text by Jack Garrity

This publication provides a snapshot overview of international painter Pacita Abad's artistic career through her personal photographs and over 120 of her paintings that were crea Read More

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[71] Pacita's Painted Bridge
136 pages, 97 color photos
31 x 27 cm
"Pacita's Painted Bridge" richly and vividly chronicles international artist, Pacita Abad's quest to transform the "battleship grey" Alkaff Bridge over the Singapore River, into a vibrantly multi-colored, publi Read More

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[68] Obsession
160 pages, 116 color plates
23 x 18 cm
Text by Ian Findlay-Brown and Ruben Defeo

For me, painting is my therapy, my passion and my obsession ! The works in this catalogue, which I call "Obsession", were done in 2003 and 2004 and are div Read More

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[69] Circles in My Mind
88 pages, 56 color plates
29 x 26 cm
Text by Cid Reyes

Anything is possible ! That was the challenge the printers and papermakers at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) gave to me, when I began my three-month collaboration with Read More

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[46] Endless Blues
187 Pages, 126 color plates
21 x 30 cm
Text by Ian Findlay-Brown "Endless Blues" are paintings that express the feelings I have had over the past two years (2001-2002), as one thing after another confronted me on both a personal and global level. Read More

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[53] The Sky is The Limit
300 pages, 250 color plates
15 x 17 cm
Text by Tay Swee Lin This series, called "The Sky is the Limit" showcases Pacita's fascination with the intricate objects in Rajasthan, from the carefully worked miniature paintings to the diverse patterns o Read More

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[41] Door to Life
115 pages, 105 color plates
15 x 15 cm
Text by James T. Bennett

These paintings were based on a trip that I took to Yemen in 1998. The trip to Yemen was a dream. In Yemen, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the doors of houses, building Read More

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[40] Abstract Emotions
46 pages, 31 color plates
21 x 21 cm
Text by Alice Guillermo

My series on "Abstract Emotions" are compositions of color, textiles and music that were inspired by my visits to batik centers in Surakarta, ikat weaving in Sumba, batik fa Read More

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[54] Wayang Dinnerware
56 pages, 47 color plates
14 x 14 cm
Text by Pacita Abad

This 147-piece "Wayang" porcelain dinnerware set made in Indonesia is inspired by the characters of the Ramayana including the Pandawa brothers, Rama Shinta and Pandu Dewanata a Read More

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[38] Exploring The Spirit
138 pages, 120 color plates
23 x 30 cm
Text by Ian Findlay-Brown

Pacita Abad is one of Southeast Asia's best- known contemporary artists. This comprehensive hardcover volume was published in conjunction with major exhibitions organized Read More

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[39] Wayang, Irian & Sumba
92 pages, 38 color plates
19.5 x 14 cm
Text by Jim Supangkat

This book illustrates Indonesia's "Wayang" puppets which were all painted during Pacita's 5-years residency in Jakarta. In addition, it includes paintings done in Papua New Gu Read More

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