Invitations for Solo Exhibitions
[1168] "Pacita: Through the Looking Glass" e-Invitation, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, March 10 - April 24, 2006
[1160] "A Passion to Paint" Exhibition Invitation, The World Bank, Washington, DC, December 2005
[1330] Author unknown, "Groovy: The Colors of Pacita Abad - A Special Tribute to the Philippine-American Artist" in Singapore Management University, October 2005
[1095] "A Special Tribute to Pacita Abad - A Philippine-American Artist" (formal inauguration of Pacita's paintings on loan at the SESS, followed by the viewing of the documentary video on Pacita Abad's life and works, Groovy The Colors of Pacita Abad, Singapore Management University's School of Economics and Social Sciences, Singapore, October 2005
[774] "Pacita Abad: Circles in My Mind", Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, September 2004
[375] "Circles in My Mind", AndrewShire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, February 2004
[1491] "Batik Dinnerware Launching", Plaza Senayan Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2003
[378] "Endless Blues", Galleri Stockgard, Siuntio, Finland, June 2003
[377] "Endless Blues", Hadeland Museum, Hadeland, Norway, May 2003
[379] "Endless Blues", Artfolio Gallery, Singapore, November 2002
[965] "Palay" Montclair State University Art Galleries, New Jersey, November 2001
[381] "The Sky is the Limit", Gallery Stockgard, Siuntio, Finland, August 2001
[628] "The Sky is the Limit", Pulitzer Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2001
[418] "Sky is the Limit installation", curated by Valentine Willy, The Esplanade, Singapore, June 2001
[980] "The Sky is the Limit", Finale Art Gallery and SM Art Center, Manila, Philippines, March 2001
[1175] "The Sky is the Limit", Artfolio Gallery, Singapore, January 2001
[610] "Wayang Dinnerware Launching", Koi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 2000
[389] "Door To Life", Gibson Creative, Washington, DC, October 1999
[390] "Abstract Emotions", National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia, April 1998
[391] "Abstract Emotions", Hiraya Gallery, Manila, Philippines, February 1998
[393] "Thinking Big", curated by Cora Alvina, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Philippines, June 1995
[394] "Postcards from the Edge", Gallerie Duemila, Manila, Philippines, June 1995
[979] "American Dream" (If my friends could see me now), at The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, November 1994
[396] "Wayang, Irian and Sumba", National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 1994
[399] "Assaulting the Deep Sea", curated by Mark Scala, Art Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA, October 1994
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[402] "Abstract Emotions", Philippine Center, New York, NY, March 1992
[403] "Wild At Art", Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines, February 1991
[1023] "Two Solo Exhibitions of New Works by Pacita Abad", at Luz Gallery and Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines, February 1991
[1534] "Recent paintings by Pacita Abad", Philippine Center, New York, NY, September 1990
[1548] "Trapunto Paintings", JC Penney at the Fair Oaks Mall, VA, May 1990
[1549] "Trapunto Paintings", JC Penney at the Ballston Common, VA, May 1990
[404] "Trapunto Paintings", Franz Bader Gallery, Washington, DC, March 1989
[1024] "Pacita Abad: Trapunto Paintings and Works on Paper", Fables Gallery, Cambridge, MA, October 1988
[1509] "Oriental collages by Philippine Artist Pacita Abad", Martin Luther King Library, Washington, DC, June 1988
[982] "Underwater Paradise", Philippine Center, New York, NY, November 1987
[1594] "Canvas Collage", IMF Gallery, Washington, DC, September 1987
[406] "Oriental Abstractions", curated by Michael Chen, Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong, June 1986
[1519] "Assaulting the Deep Sea", Underwater installation at Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines, May 1986
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[1517] "Oriental Abstraction", Luz Gallery, Manila, Philippines, October 1984
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[409] "Scenes From the Upper Nile", curated by Harriet Kennedy, Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, Boston, MA, May 1982
[1490] "Recent Paintings", Walters Art Gallery, Regis College, Weston, MA, January 1982
[411] "Streets of Santo Domingo", curated by Isabel Caceres de De Castro, Altos De Chavon, La Romana, Dominican Republic, August 1981
[1564] "Portraits of Cambodia", Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences, Manchester, NH, June 1981
[1535] "Bangladesh paintings by Pacita Abad", Augusta Savage Gallery New Africa House, Amherst, MA, March 1981
[1533] "Portraits of Cambodia", curated by Amy Lighthill, Boston University Art Gallery, MA, February 1981
[1495] "The People of Wau", New England Center for Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY, October 1980
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