Mission and Activities

The mission of the Estate is to preserve the artworks of Pacita Abad; promote public awareness, knowledge and the legacy of her artistic career, and share Pacita's creative, colorful, feminist and social activist spirit with a global audience.

Pacita created over 4,500 works of art during her lifetime (not counting the full edition runs of prints or multiples) over the period from 1974 to 2004. In addition, she produced thousands of pieces of documentation related to her exhibitions, workshops, books, photos, videos and other artistic activities.

The Estate has undertaken a number of activities since its establishment, which include the:
- maintenance of Pacita Abad’s paintings and other artworks owned by the Estate;
- collection, organization and documentation of the artist’s records, photos, videos, press clippings, professional and personal papers, etc.;
- establishment of a comprehensive database and website;
- production of a film, “Groovy” on Pacita’s artistic career, and another “Pacita’s Painted Bridge” on her painting of the Alkaff Bridge;
- archiving of Pacita’s artistic information with organizations in the U.S. and Asia;
- development of an online Catalogue Raisonné;
- arrangement of painting loans, exhibitions and installations;
- assisting in the maintenance of the Singapore ArtBridge; and
- supporting the Fundacion Pacita Center for the Arts in Batanes, Philippines.