During her lifetime, Pacita Abad and her staff collected and organized documentation about her work, exhibitions and activities, and upon her passing, her papers were transferred to the Estate.

Since that time, the Estate has continued to add other sources of information to this wealth of documentation, and has developed a comprehensive artist database, much of which is made available online to the public in the body of this website.

The archives include Pacita's papers, correspondence, photographs, catalogues, exhibition announcements, press clippings, videos and film, interviews, personal and professional correspondence, and other items collected during her life, as well as relevant materials collected since her passing in 2004.

The Estate hopes that this will greatly increase the knowledge and understanding of Pacita's artistic career, and encourage new publications by students, art scholars, writers and filmmakers.

Most of this material, collectively known as the Pacita Abad Papers, is in the process of being placed on deposit in Washington, DC at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Other archival repositories of the records of Pacita are also held by the: Asian Art Archives, Hong Kong; National Archives of Singapore, Singapore; and the Special Collections and University Archives Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ.