The Pacita Abad Art Estate ("the Estate") - a non-profit, private organization - was established in Singapore in 2005, shortly after the passing of Pacita Abad. At that time the Estate took ownership of Fundacion Pacita, the artist's studio home in Batanes, Philippines, and all artwork, documents, photos and all copyrights associated with the artistic career of Pacita Abad.

The Estate subsequently gifted Fundacion Pacita, to the Jorge, Aurora and Pacita Abad Foundation, which now runs the Fundacion Pacita Center for the Arts ("the Center"), and operates Fundacion Pacita as a nature lodge.

The Estate is owned by Jack Garrity, the late artist's husband, and is managed by Jack and Kristi Garrity, who are both very knowledgeable about Pacita's artwork. Jack lived and traveled with Pacita during her entire 32-year artistic career, and Kristi assisted with Pacita's exhibitions, publications and website documentation since 1996.