Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Estate authenticate Pacita Abad's artwork?

A. No, but if you wish, you can send us an image of the work and any related provenance. We can look at the information and tell you if we have a record of it.

Q. Does the Estate do appraisals of artwork by Pacita Abad ?

A. No.

Q. I want to reproduce an image by Pacita Abad, what do I need to do?

A. Please visit the section on Copyrights, Licensing and Reproductions above for detailed information.

Q. Is there a Catalogue Raisonné of Pacita Abad's work?

A. Not yet, but we are currently compiling Pacita's artwork to be included in an online Catalogue Raisonné.

Q. I own a Pacita Abad painting - how do I submit information on the artwork for the Catalogue Raisonné.

A. Please visit the Catalogue Raisonné section to find a form to submit.

Q. Where can the public see work by Pacita Abad?

A. In addition to work in public collections detailed in the Exhibitions section, Pacita's works are on display in Singapore, the Philippines and the United States. For details please contact [email protected].

Q. I am a student, researcher or writer interested in learning more about Pacita Abad. Can I access the Catalogue Raissonné?

A. When completed, the online Catalogue Raissoné will be open to qualified researchers by request. Please contact [email protected] to arrange for access.

Q. Where can the public buy a Pacita Abad artwork, and does the Estate sell her artwork?

A. The Estate does sell Pacita's work directly, however we also work with a number of auction houses, galleries and online galleries.

Q. Can the Estate inform how much a Pacita Abad artwork is worth, and what the current selling price is?

A. No, the Estate does not provide appraisal of her artwork.

Q. Does the Estate give lectures on the life and artistic career of Pacita Abad?

A. Yes, the Estate would be pleased to hold lectures on Pacita Abad's artistic career at schools, universities, cultural centers, museums or other organizations.

Q. I have a Pacita Abad artwork and I would like more information about it, who should I contact?

A. Please contact the Estate at [email protected].

Q. Does the Estate support international art projects or individual artists?

A. The Estate only supports the work of the Fundacion Pacita Center for the Arts, which is located in Batanes, Philippines.

Q. Does the Estate consider donation of artwork to charity auctions or functions?

A. The Estate does consider donations on a case per case basis.