Art Lesson Plans
Thousands of children around the world have been drawn to, and inspired by Pacita's, colorful artwork. Kids also responded to the fact that Pacita used a wide variety of materials and subjects in her paintings, that children could try to emulate. Students particularly enjoyed adding things like buttons, beads, glitter, tin and cloth to their artwork. Some of Pacita's paintings that children enjoy the most are her: circles, masks, puppets, fish, birds, flowers, doors, balloons, walls and animals.

In order to make student art projects inspired by Pacita more accessible to art teachers and children around the world, the Pacita Abad Art Estate is asking teachers, artists and others to submit individual art lesson plans designed for student school grades. We would appreciate it if you would encourage your colleagues to join this project in the coming year.

In appreciation for submitting an Art Lesson Plan, the Pacita Abad Art Estate will be pleased to send the teacher or artist their choice of one of Pacita Abad's books.

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