e-Book: Swimming with Sharks

Underwater Paintings by Pacita Abad, Text by Jack Garrity

Once Pacita started scuba diving among the corals and fish off of Thailand and later the Philippines, her appreciation of colors was brought to another level. She was mesmerized by how beautiful the underwater world was with the unique shapes and bright colors of the corals, the amazing array of brightly colored fish, sea shells and a host of other exotic marine creatures.

Pacita was overwhelmed by her new environment and exclaimed, "After I took my first plunge, the rest was pure obsession. I was attracted and thrilled going underwater. I began to fall in love with scuba diving. The objects you see underwater are beautiful. There are so many types of coral in fluorescent colors, so many fish in all shapes and sizes, everything is magical below the surface. It is like you are in fantasy land. It is such a peaceful environment down there that one feels like an infidel intruding into somewhere sacred. Every time I dive, I feel like saying, 'Excuse me, but here I come again!' 

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