Pacita Abad's painting is characterized by color, constant change and experimentation from the 1970s right up to her passing in 2004. Pacita's most extensive body of work is her vibrantly, colorful, trapunto paintings, mixed media painted textile collages and abstract assemblages. Many are very large canvases incorporating hand-stitched textiles, ribbons, sequins, beads, buttons, tin, mirrors and many other found objects the artist collected during her travels throughout Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. During her 32-year career Pacita also created works on a complete range of other materials including paper, prints, bark cloth, metal, ceramics and glass. Just a few months before she passed away, Pacita painted a 55-meter long bridge in Singapore and covered it with 2,350 multicolored circles.


Below is a selection of Pacita's major art series inspired by her constant travels.