Circles in My Mind

Text by Cid Reyes

Pacita Abad: Anything is possible ! That was the challenge the printers and papermakers at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) gave to me, when I began my three-month collaboration withthem. I just said, let's do it !
The challenge was on ! I started developing my drawings on paper and then brought materials like fabric, printed fabric, glass, tin, plastic buttons, yarns and found objects, with the idea of putting these on my drawings, so that they could find a way to translate them into lithographs and paper pulp works.
I decided to focus on circles as the unifying theme of my STPI prints and pulp paper pieces. Circles have always been in my work and they are direct, simple, modern, universal, intimate, fascinating and playful. I love the shape of the circle!


88 pages, 56 color plates

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