2004    "ArtSingapore 2004: Asian Contemporary Art, where are we going from here?" Artist Talk, Suntec City,
           Singapore, April 2004
2003    "Painting the Globe", Artist Talk, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, November 2003

           "Contemporary Filipina Artists, a Survey", A talk to the docents of the Singapore Art Museum at Asian
           Civilization Museum, Singapore, March 2003


2002    "The Philippines: Prospects in Business and the Arts", sponsored by Philippine Cultural Society at
           Hilton Hotel, Singapore, October 2002

           "Artist Talk", Singapore Art Museum, June 2002

           "Women of Asia, Africa and Latin America" lecture/slide presentation to the European Women's
           Group, March 2002


2001    "Women Artists in Asia", Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, October 2001

           "Contemporary trends of Philippine art overseas", Talk given to docents at the Singapore Art
           Museum, June 2001

           "Trapunto Painting" Talk and Slide Presentation, American Club members in Singapore, June 2001


2000    "Contemporary Trends in South East Asian Art" Panelist, Singapore Art Festival, October 2000


1999    "Artist Talk" Students of Providence College, Providence, RI, October 1999

           "ARTSingapore 2000, First Contemporary Southeast Asian Festival", MITA, Singapore, September 1999

           "Artist Talk", Singapore Art Museum and LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, June 1999


1998    "Artist Talk", Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, June 1998

           "Wayang Influences on Art", Indonesian Heritage Society, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 1998


1997    "Cross Cultural Dressing", Artist Talk, DC Arts Center (DCAC) Gallery, Washington, DC, December 1997


1994    "Crafts and Ethics - Cultural Identity: Evaluating Otherness" Symposium, Sawtooth Center for Visual
           Arts, Winston-Salem, NC, June 1994

           "Exploring Americas Cultures: Asian American Art & Culture" Symposium, Columbia University Teachers
           College, New York, NY, June 1994


1993    "Women and the Arts" Craft Conference, National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC,
           June 1993

           "Potomac Craftsmen", Lecture on trapunto paintings, Washington, DC, June 1993


1992    "Impact of Arts, Culture and Media on the Politics and Economics of Asian Pacific", Asian-American
           Pacific Heritage Council Conference, Arlington, VA, May 1992


1991    "Contemporary Perspectives: The Power of Myth and Personal Autobiography" Roundtable Discussion,
           Pyramid Atlantic Gallery, Riverdale, MD, October 1991

           "The Immigrant Experience", Artist Talk, Ellipse Art Center, Arlington, VA, September 1991

           "Art in Public Places" Lecture for MetroArt II, Washington DC, June 1991

           "Artist Table", MetroArt in Washington, DC, June 1991

           "Celebration of Textiles" Lecture, George Washington University, Dimock Gallery in conjunction to
           a textile exhibition, June 1991


1986    "Artist Lecture", Boston University, Boston, MA, June 1986

           "Artist Lecture", University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, June 1986

           "Artist Lecture", College of Arts, Khartoum, Sudan, June 1986

           "Artist Lecture", Metropolitan Museum of Art local schoolchildren, Manila, Philippines, June 1986


1985    "Trapuntos, art design on fabric" Lecture at Casa Manila, Philippines, October 1985


1980    "Paintings from the Third World", United Nation Women's Club, Bangkok, Thailand, May 1980


1979    "Artist Lecture", Shilpakala Academy of Fine Arts, Dhaka, Bangladesh, June 1979

           "Artist Lecture", Bhirasri Museum of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand, June 1979

           "Artist Lecture", Museum of Philippine Art, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, June 1979

           "Artist Lecture", Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines, June 1979

           "Artist Lecture", Jaycees and Rotary Clubs, Manila, Philippines, June 1979