Memories of Overdevelopment: Philippine Diaspora in Contemporary Art, 1996: Curated by Pamela Baley, Cirilo Domine, Vicente Golveo, Catherine Lord and Yong Soon Min

5 March - 13 April 1996

1996 marked an important year for the Philippines and Filipino diaspora as it signified the hundredth anniversary of the Philippine revolution against Spain and the fiftieth anniversary of its independence from the United States.  This exhibit addresses the experiences of the Filipino diaspora through the artwork of Filipino artists located in the United States, Canada, and Indonesia.  Curated by Pamela Bailey, Cirilo Domine, Vicente Golveo, Catherine Lord, and Yong Soon Min.


A traveling exhibit to:

The Art Gallery, University of California, Irvine, CA (March 5 - Aprril 13, 1996)

North Dakota Art Museum, Plug-In Gallery, Canada





Installation Views