Revisiting Circles in My Mind by Pacita Abad : Four of Pacita Abad's Prints, created in 2003 as an Artist-in-Residence at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, are being shown at Galleria Duemila, Manila, Philippines

6 February - 31 March 2021
Galleria Duemila Presents:
Revisiting Circles in My Mind by Pacita Abad
Pacita Abad is born in the smallest and northernmost Philippine island of Batanes in 1946. Her most extensive works are her vibrant colorful trapunto, paintings, prints, which can be found in public and private collection in over 70 countries.
In 1984, she had been awarded by TOYM as the Most Outstanding Artist in the Philippines. She is also the first Filipino artist to participate in the Visiting Artists Programme in STPI where she created Circles in My Mind. STPI is an international institution that enriches the language of printmaking and fresh vision.
Circles in My Mind had been exhibited at the Andrew Shire Gallery in Los Angeles, California, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila,  etc.
The exhibit is composed by print done in STPI.
Installation Views